Novel Nights receives Arts Council Funding

Image of Arts Council England Logo

Novel Nights is thrilled to announce that we have received Arts Council funding this year.

This work will support writing masterclasses, expand our reach into digital projects,  and develop the Novel Nights team. Director, Grace Palmer will work with co-hosts, Colette Hill and Charlotte Packer.

We aim to establish monthly author-interview podcasts aimed at encouraging and inspiring writers. Podcasts will complement our author talks and reach a wider audience, unlimited by time or geography. Charlotte Packer will lead on podcasts and these will start in the autumn, following training.

Colette Hill will expand our work into Bath and build our audience to produce high-quality events and opportunities for writers. These talks include two publisher-insider talks with literary agent, Juliet Pickering and an author talk with Caroline Ambrose of Bath Novel Award in September.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us with the application, our lovely audience and supporters. We exist to support writing and writers at our events.