Writers at the Masterclass
A writer at a Novel Nights Masterclass

Our Novel Nights masterclass are designed to help move your writing forward.

Our tutors are chosen with great care. They are successful writers who are experienced and enthusiastic about teaching creative writing and come from across the UK.

On a Novel Nights Masterclass you will find

  • Small class sizes
  • Expert help to supercharge your writing
  • A supportive, friendly welcome

Our next masterclass: Saturday April 25th 2020 in Exeter

Masterclass with Dr Ben Smith The importance of place and setting in fiction

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Feedback after Tyler Keevil Masterclass on the Importance of Place

Comments after Christopher  Wakling’s Masterclass on Dialogue and Scene Building

“Chris was brilliant, very clear in the extremely useful information he gave us, and the focus of the exercises we did. An extremely active event. So much learned in one afternoon.”

“The beauty of the Masterclass is its bite size, yet within three hours it really pack a lot in. For people who are serious about their writing, the Masterclass delves deeper into the craft than I experienced on my MA creative writing. The quality of the tutors is excellent and it is a great opportunity to meet fellow writers in the local area.”

“A great three hours that has helped me tighten up my scenes and give my dialogue that extra zing.”

“Everyone was so engaged in the tasks and in three short hours we all added something to our knowledge about our writing. Excellent.”

“A really enjoyable and informative afternoon.”

“The examples Chris used really helped us to think about creating a careful balance between action, setting, dialogue and memory. Experimenting with just dialogue in the first exercise was a great way to pinpoint unique character differences. We then could build the scene around that in the second exercise. Very helpful to put into practice for my work in progress.”