Our next submission opportunity is for Exeter Open Mic on December 2nd 2019 held at the prestigious Exeter Phoenix. If you want to read, send an email to submit@novelnights.co.uk 

Under 1000 words please – either a short short or novel extract is fine. This night is for fiction rather than poetry.


Writers’ Showcase – currently closed for submissions

We want to hear your writing at Novel Nights. Each month we offer three writers the opportunity to read in front of a live audience during the first half of  Novel Nights. The audience are a group of friendly writers and readers. You will be on the same bill as an established author.

We want to hear prose which delights, tells a story with skill, that hooks a room of people and won’t make them fidget. If you are chosen to read you get free entry to Novel Nights, your name on the programme and publicised on twitter, facebook and on this website. Please see submission themes below.

Submission guidelines for Writers’ Showcase

  • 800-word extract of your writing; no more than  5 minutes reading time. (For flash fiction see below)
  • Choose a scene from your novel or a short story that will work as a piece to listen to – not too much dialogue but something self-contained that shows off the story and your writing style. Don’t choose a scene with lots of characters in it
  • Photos of yourself  – please label with your name 
  • Cover photo of book, if you are published
  • Your name (or writing pseudonym), and twitter handle
  • Writer Bio – a 30 word version for our programme, a longer version for our information about you, your writing etc
  • Include the title of your piece

How to Send

  • Send your work and bio in the body of the email
  • Photos can be sent as an attachment

How we choose

  • At least three of us consider your work. We look for strong, well-crafted writing that will delight and excite an audience.
  • We choose extracts that fit in with the theme of the night or that fit with each other. If you are not chosen it doesn’t mean we think your writing is not strong enough! These things are subjective.

What happens on the night? 

  • You will be introduced and the compere for the evening may ask you a couple of questions about your writing or story.
  • You share your writing to riotous applause!
  • Usually, there is a review of the event, featuring you
  • We promote your work

Email work to :  submit@novelnights.co.uk  


Once you submit, we will respond to you, as soon after the closing date as we can with a decision. Email submit@novelnights.co.uk

Fancy being a guest speaker at Novel Nights? 

  • Get in touch with your proposal to grace@novelnights.co.uk
  • We programme talks from published authors, publishers, and industry professionals
  • We’re keen to have speakers who want to share an aspect of writing, genre, writing craft, or anything else that might interest a group of other writers.
  • The guest speaker slot consists of a talk, tips &  Q and A. We pay.
  • The audience is well-read and well informed.