Writers. We have so many opportunities for you to your work for Novel Nights. 


Who doesn’t love hearing stories read aloud? Fresh Fiction presents a night of short stories read by writers to an appreciative audience in South Petherton, Somerset. The Fresh Fiction Show is put together by a small team of people at the prestigious venue of The Davide Hall. 

Writers and Storytellers – Share your work on the big stage with a live audience. 

Stories should be up to seven minutes long in total. The maximum length we accept is 1,500 words. If you have a shorter piece of work you have more of a chance of being on the bill. 

How to submit

Fresh Fiction Theme, The Sea on June 16th 

Submissions chosen by: Grace Palmer and Helen Williams (from The David Hall), and Jem from the Somerset library service.

Submission Guidelines for June 16th

Deadline: 1st June 2024

Theme: You can interpret the theme, The Sea  in any way you wish, so long as there is a clear connection

Length: Flash fiction, and short stories up to 1,500 words long. The maximum reading time allowed for each piece is ten minutes, but this is not a target to aim for! Do check you can read your work within this time frame before subbing. 

Format: Please double space your work. Do not send .pages file – we can’t open them. 

Give your story a title and use the title as the file name so we can identify it easily.

Send your work as an attachment

Do not include your name on the attachment or in the file name. Your stories are sent anonymously to the readers so they are not influenced by any knowledge of the writer.  

 Include a 30 word biography in your email in the third person. Include the names of your social media channels so if you are chosen we can promote your involvement in the event.  

Send us your best work! Thanks for trusting us with your stories. 

What we are looking for: 

Well-written stories with heart, empathy, soul that will keep an audience entertained. We are often sent stories that are one word shy of 1,500 words. The word count is not a target to aim for and we can only include one of two at this length. So, if you have a shorter piece of writing, it’s more likely to be picked. Having said that we choose based on good quality writing with a strong storyline that an audience who are listening to you can follow easily. We look for tension, humour, and strong characterisation within a story.  

How do we choose a story?

If all the stories are excellent, we begin to choose stories that will create an interesting evening’s entertainment and sit well when read one after another. We want stories that are different  from one another or offer something unusual or unique, or where we fall in love with the character or story situation. If two stories tackle the theme in the same way we choose the strongest. All selection is subjective so please do not be despondent if your story is not chosen!