Submissions for Novel Nights Writers Showcase

We're having a transatlantic party

Submissions for August 8th

We’re having a special Novel Nights on August 8th with music and readings from novels by writers in the UK and writers in the USA. How did this all happen? Well, last autumn at our open mic in Exeter David W Carstens read out his work. David is now based in the USA and approached us to set this event up. Join us! 

What we’re looking for 


Send us novel extracts that are up to 600 words long. We want something exciting that will entertain, thrill or intrigue other writers, that will have them desperate to know more. 600 words is not much so try and include a self-contained scene from your novel if you can.  

If you can record yourself reading your piece that would be great. Send your recording or the novel extract and we’ll take a look and decide if you’re one of the magic six. Tell us a bit about the genre, the book and  yourself Good luck. 

Send your entries 

by the 29th July

Get your work heard in the UK & USA