Masterclass with Dr Ben Smith – The importance of landscape and setting in fiction

Dr Ben Smith, novelist

In this practical writing masterclass we will explore the role of setting and place in fiction, not just as a backdrop to events, but as a fundamental agent in establishing the limits and possibilities of your writing.

We will examine how different authors use place to guide their choice of characters, the direction of their narratives and the stories they can tell.

You will learn how to use setting to develop and enhance your existing ideas, and how to generate new stories by looking afresh at the places that you know best.

15 places on this course.

Timings: Meet David Lloyd at 1pm in the library cafe. The session will run from 1.30 – 4.30pm

About Ben Smith Ben Smith lectures in creative writing at Plymouth University, specializing in environmental literature and focusing particularly on oceans, climate change and the ‘Anthropocene’. His first poetry pamphlet, Sky Burials, was published by Worple Press and his poetry and criticism have appeared in various journals and anthologies.

Ben’s debut novel, Doggerland is a compelling tale of loneliness and survival, archaeological remains and rusting wind turbines, set against the backdrop of a water-filled landscape.

Praise for Doggerland: ‘An emotionally compelling book… The novel belongs in a literary tradition of reflection on and solidarity with English nature, reaching back through Robert Macfarlane to Edward Thomas, Richard Jefferies and John Clare.’ – The Guardian.

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